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The informed consent document is only a component of the informed consent process. Researchers still need to have an informed discussion with, and respond to any questions raised by participants. Consent is also an ongoing process throughout the conduct of a research study to ensure participants remain informed and that their consent for participation is maintained. Consent is voluntary and should precede collection or access to research data.

The templates used will depend on the type of research being conducted. Consent documents are to be a part of the initial application submission to the committee and template instructions are to be followed. Failure to do so, may result in the application being returned.

If a waiver of consent is being requested, the researcher is responsible for providing the committee with a detailed rationale for the waiver. This rational needs to meet requirements of the TCPS2 and HIA.


HREBA Cancer Committee Templates:

HREBA Informed Consent Template for Participation in a Research StudyUpdated 20 November 2023

*Updated to include an alternative statement on page 20 under the heading ‘WILL MY HEALTHCARE PROVIDER(S) BE INFORMED OF MY PARTICIPATION IN THIS STUDY’. Additionally under heading ‘SIGNATURES’ ‘Part 1’ on the bottom of page 25 there has been a choice of statements added for studies taking part in Connect Care clinics or hospitals.

HREBA Informed Consent Form Template for Non-Clinical Trial ResearchUpdated 03 April 2023

HREBA Optional Research Consent Template – Updated 01 May 2018

Consent to Contact Template – coming soon


Additional Requirements

There are extra consent form requirements for research that is sponsored or monitored by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (US DHHS – NIH, NCI, OHRP). Details are available in this memorandum.


Archived (was used prior to 31 Jan 2018):

Banking for Future Research Consent Form Template  (use Optional Research Consent Template)