The Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta Community Health Committee (HREBA-CHC) provides ethical review and oversight of research involving humans, their information and/or samples, with the exception of cancer research and clinical trials, conducted by community-based investigators and/or organizations (both for and not-for profit). This includes both research that involves or does not involve health information as defined by the Alberta Health Information Act (HIA).

The committee also provides ethical review for non-research projects (e.g. quality improvement, program evaluation) that are of higher risk, involve vulnerable populations, or areas of sensitivity. If you are unsure whether your non-research project requires review by the HREBA-CHC, please refer to the ARECCI Online Decision Support tools and/or contact the HREBA-CHC Coordinator at

Information on how to submit and manage an ethics application is available in the PAGES menus to the right.

Please note:

  • All new protocols submitted to the HREBA-CHC must be through IRISS.



Research studies funded by industry or other for-profit organizations are charged an administration fee for the initial ethics review. Details are found here.


Contact Information

If you have questions about a specific file, please contact the HREBA coordinator listed as the “REB Admin”. Contact information can be found here.

If you have a general question, please e-mail


Emergency Contact

Jacqueline Senych, HREBA Director
This after hours emergency line is for urgent requests only