IRISS  |  Updates & Changes

The following is a log of changes which have been made to the Institutional Research Information Services Solution (IRISS).  This platform is used by researchers and reviewers to record and organize study information.

Date effective Details of Change or Update
October 25, 2021 ADDITION:  Changes in IRISS effective October 25, 2021

Changes to IRISS Application, Jump-to Menu, Compare Function, and Validate Function

April 24, 2020 ADDITION:  Changes in IRISS effective April 26, 2020

Study teams will have access to the submission function for all activities in every state except for Pre- Submission. Principal Investigators will have the option to instruct their study teams to execute activities within IRISS on their behalf. As per regulations it remains the Principle Investigators responsibility to ensure submissions are accurate and submitted within the required timelines

April 17, 2019 ADDITION:  When approval correspondence is issued (original study approval or renewal certificate) a calendar appointment will be included with the automatic notification. The appointment is 30 days before the study’s expiry date, and can simply be dragged/dropped to users’ calendars.
September 13, 2018 ADDITION:  In the Researcher Profile, 2 new CITI Certificate categories (Social and Behavioral, Canada Biomedical) have been added. This is an optional place to store study team members’ CITI training certificates.

ADDITION: Under My Activities, option “Study Team Training Certificates” has been added. This allows the study team to see which documents have been uploaded into their team’s researcher profiles.

January – May 2018 IRISS Outages:  January to May 2018: The University of Calgary Information Technologies will be upgrading the IRISS platform to improve its usability.

There will be five outages and to minimize the impact they will occur on the weekends. The confirmed and tentative schedule is posted on the IRISS website.

August 11, 2017 NEW: Reportable Events submission to the Clinical Trials Committee (CTC). The IRISS Reportable Events module is now available to those with CTC reviewed studies. A guidance document can be found here.
June 28, 2017 CHANGE: Submitting Reportable Events to the Cancer Committee in IRISS.  There is a new module.  A guidance document to assist users can be found here.
March 24, 2017 UPDATE:  The New Renewal SmartForm has been revised
March 24, 2017 ADDITION:  In the Researcher Profile, the CITI Program (GCP & HC Division 5) Certificate categories have been added.  This is an optional place to store study team members’ CITI training certificates.
February 22, 2017 UPDATE:  The 90 day email notification for studies which are submitted to the Cancer Committee for renewal is no longer being sent.
January 6, 2017 CHANGE IN CERTIFICATES: Approvals granted by HREBA will no longer include separate approval letters and certificates. IRISS will produce the elements of these two documents in one certificate. This change will affect all new applications, renewals and modifications after January 6, 2017.
December 2016 ADDITION of the Terms and Conditions of Use of IRISS
December 2016 ADDITION of information regarding the use of electronic signatures in IRISS.
November 4, 2016 Funding page:   Updated to collect more information, as HREBA and the other two HIA-designated REBs are aligning their funding pages to strengthen provincial reporting.  See linked funding guide to assist with completing/updating this section.

Impact and Operation Approvals Page:  Updated to include questions (#6 and #7) regarding institutional appointment/resourcing.  Responses to these questions will help determine whether designates at the University of Alberta or the University of Calgary can view an application.  Please note that this access has not yet been granted.  More information will be provided once an agreement has been finalized between HREBA and the universities.