Community Health Committee  |  Membership

The HREBA-CHC is one of three committees which comprise the HIA-designated Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta. It is constituted in accordance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS2). Members of the HREBA-CHC include representatives of various health disciplines, people with expertise in law and ethics, and community members. Since the three HREBA committees operate as one Research Ethics Board, members from one committee may attend another committee’s meeting when their expertise is required. This ensures that members in attendance have the specific expertise, relevant competence and knowledge necessary to provide an adequate research ethics review of the proposals under consideration.

Community Health Committee Composition 2018

Community Representative (2-M)
Ethics (1-M)
Law (2-M)
Medical Officer (1-M Chair)
Statistics / Qualitative Methodology (1-M)
Mixed / Qualitative Methodology (1-F Vice Chair)
Quantitative / Qualitative Methodology (1-F)
(include research involving Indigenous peoples and communities)

“F” denotes female and “M” denotes male

The majority of the HREBA – Community Health Committee members are Canadian citizens or permanent residents under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.


This list is current as of 15 January 2019.

Name Role and Primary Specialty City
Brett Clelland, JD Law (Intellectual Property) Edmonton
Cheryl Currie, PhD Scientific (Quantitative / Qualitative methodology, including research involving Indigenous peoples and communities) Lethbridge
Albert de Villiers, MD (Chair) Scientific (Medical Officer / Family Physician) Grande Prairie
Allen Habib, PhD Ethics (Philosophy) Calgary
Jamie Hodge, P.Eng. Community Member Calgary
Cyne Johnston, PhD (Vice Chair) Scientific (Qualitative / Mixed Methodology) Calgary
Larry Loomes Community Member Foothills
Ed Molstad, QC Law (Civil Litigation, Aboriginal Law and Professional Responsibility) Edmonton
Nimesh Patel, MPH Scientific (Methodology) Lethbridge

A pdf version of this list, as well as previous lists, are available here.