Community Health Committee  |  Review Procedures

    • All new research protocols must be submitted electronically through IRISS.
 See IRISS Resource Page for assistance.
    • On receipt of a research protocol, it will be screened for completeness. If necessary, the applicant will be requested to provide additional information.
    • When the protocol is ready for review, it will be circulated to CHC members, so they may assess it prior to the next meeting. While all members will consider ethical aspects, at least one person will formally complete an ethical consideration and one member will formally check for methodological soundness or request this from an appropriate resource.
    • At the CHC meeting, the protocol will be discussed and a decision reached to approve the study, approve the study pending certain requirements being met, deny the study, or to seek further information. The applicant may be invited to answer questions by telephone and/or appear before CHC.
    • The Chair of the CHC will inform the applicant by letter of the Committee’s decision, and include comments as appropriate.