Community Health Committee  |  Submitting Your Application

  • Register with the Community Health Committee (CHC) on the IRISS system and select your IRISS role as appropriate e.g. “Principal Investigator”, “Co-Investigator”, “Student Co-Investigator”, or “Study Team”.
     Please note that a student cannot serve as the “Principal Investigator” (PI) for their own project. Only their academic supervisor can be designated as the PI. The student’s role in IRISS must be that of a “Student Co-Investigator.
  • Once you receive your login information, login to IRISS, complete and submit your application form for the CHC.
  • In addition to filling out the questions on the application, upload all applicable supporting documentation to the documentation section in IRISS. Refer to the CHC new submission checklist to ensure your submission is complete.

If you experience any technical difficulties with the IRISS system, contact the IRISS Helpdesk at: or you can call toll free: 1-855-222-2345 – you will be prompted to press ‘1’.