Community Health Committee Delegated Review Criteria

A request for delegated review must be made in writing to the Chair of HREBA-CHC within ninety (90) days of approval by an HIA legislated Research Ethics Board (REB) in Alberta. A protocol that has previously been reviewed by a REB not designated under the HIA may be subject to HREBA-CHC’s full review procedures at the discretion of the Chair.

Upon submission of a protocol for delegated review, the principal investigator will provide signed authorization for HREBA-CHC to communicate with the REB who completed the original ethics review.

The HREBA-CHC Chair will designate a sub-committee within ten working days to conduct the delegated review by teleconference. This sub-committee will consist of a minimum of two people:

  1. the HREBA-CHC Chair (or designate), and
  2. one other HREBA-CHC member (preferably a community member)
 If there is a disagreement between sub-committee members regarding the delegated review, the protocol will proceed to full Board review.

If the protocol is not approved the by the HREBA-CHC subcommittee, the HREBA-CHC Chair will call the Chair of the original REB.

Within one week of approval of the delegated review, HREBA-CHC will advise its decision in writing to the principal investigator and the original REB who reviewed the study.

Any issues that arise in the implementation of the protocol that affects participants must be reported to both HREBA-CHC and the REB who completed the original ethics review. The REB who completed the original ethics review has final decision on how to handle ethical issues arising during implementation of the protocol.