Community Health Committee Appeal Criteria

Researchers have the right to appeal a decision made by HREBA-CHC. They have a right to request, and HREBA-CHC has an obligation to provide, reconsideration of decisions affecting a research project.

This includes the opportunity for further investigation and an explanation of the reasons for opinions or decisions. The opportunity for rebuttal, fair and impartial judgment, and reasoned and written grounds for the decisions must be provided.

Any one of the two (2) other Ethics Review Boards in Alberta or other two (2) committees of HREBA may be requested to be the Appeal Board for decisions made by HREBA-CHC.

 No ad hoc appeal boards are permitted


An appeal must be made in writing to the Chair of HREBA-CHC within one (1) month of receiving notice of a decision by HREBA-CHC.

 The appeal letter must include the following for the protocol for which reconsideration is requested:
  • A copy of the application form
  • The full proposal
  • Curriculum vitae for the investigator(s)
  • Applicable letters of support
  • Copies of consent forms to be used by the participants, any public notices and information sheets to be used
  • Copies of data collection tools

The Chair of HREBA-CHC will forward the request to one of the Chairs of one of the other Ethics Review Boards of in Alberta or to one of the other committees of HREBA to act as the Appeal body. The Ethics Review Boards will be selected on a rotational basis.

The Ethics Review Board to whom the appeal has been made must meet and make a decision within two (2) months of receipt of the request for appeal.

In making its decision, the Ethics Review Board may ask for more information, either verbally or in writing from either/both the investigator and HREBA-CHC.

Within one week of making a decision, a letter will be sent to the investigator and HREBA-CHC regarding the decision and the rationale.