Expanded External View Access to the IRISS System

Effective October 29, 2018 the Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta (HREBA) will be enabling improved view access to cancer studies in the IRISS system for research administration personnel at the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials and Research Centre (NACTRC). NACTRC is a joint venture between the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services and provides administrative and operational services for research involving Alberta Health Services in the greater Edmonton area.

View access for NACTRC will be enabled according to information provided by researchers within the HREBA – Cancer Committee applications on a study by study basis.

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01 Oct 2018 – Data Migration Completed

As of October 1, 2018 all open HREBA-CC paper files have been migrated to the IRISS system. Paper/e-mail submissions are no longer accepted as all ethics files are now being processed through IRISS. E-mail info@hreba.ca if you have any questions.

01 Oct 2018 – CC Data Migration Completion

The Data Migration Project is coming to an end October 1, 2018, at which point HREBA-CC will process all ethics files through the IRISS system. Paper/e-mail submissions will no longer be accepted, and HREBA will not be able to help with the migration of any remaining paper files. For details see this memo.

HREBA Streamlines and Simplifies Review Fees

The Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta (HREBA) charges $4000 for the initial full board review, or $1000 for the initial delegated review, of an industry funded study.

All industry funded studies, regardless of their initial approval date, will not be charged any additional fees for changes e.g. modifications, annual renewals, closures.

HREBA Submission Management Policy

Under exceptional circumstances and to ensure a quality review for each study submitted, the Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta (HREBA) may at times limit the number of studies reviewed at a committee meeting.

As necessary, only 10 complete applications received prior to the submission deadline may be assigned to a meeting.  If such a limitation is put in place, applicants of studies that are not being reviewed at that particular meeting will be notified.

Note that submissions are administratively screened upon receipt.  Those requiring revisions are not assigned to a meeting until the requested changes have been made. For a pdf version please see the memo HREBA Submission Management Policy.