Clinical Trials Committee – Templates and Forms

Placebo Controlled Trials 

Justification for Placebo Controlled Trials – Guidance document

Reportable Events 

Determining what events are reportable
For specific criteria, and links to forms, please go to this page.  (Updated August 2017)

Annual / Final Report Form

  • Annual/Final Report – paper files only (i.e. those submitted prior to February 25, 2014 and have not been migrated to IRISS )

Consent Forms


Reviews and Study Requirements

Billing Information

If your study is industry sponsored, please submit a HREBA Billing Information Form.

  • If your study is currently not in IRISS, complete the form and mail it to HREBA.
  • If your study is in IRISS, upload the completed Billing Information Form to the “REB Service(s) Fee” section.