Clinical Trials Committee  |  Suspensions and Terminations

Suspensions and terminations are defined as:

  • Suspensions are a temporary halt to all or some research activities pending future action by the Research Ethics Board (REB), a sponsor and/or Principal Investigator (PI).
  • Terminations are a permanent halt to all or some research activities by the REB, a sponsor and/or PI.


If the research is suspended or terminated for any reason, the PI must promptly notify the HREBA-Clinical Trials Committee of this suspension/termination following the method for submitting a reportable event.

Reports are to include:

  • reason(s) for the suspension/termination;
  • source of the suspension/termination (i.e., PI, sponsor, REB, or a combination);
  • details of the sites response/action to the suspension/termination;
  • procedure for promptly notifying participants of the suspension/termination (attach any scripts/letters that are intended for the participants);
  • measures in place to ensure appropriate care and follow-up of the participants; and
  • additional information that will be provided to the Committee as follow-up.


When a suspension is made the PI must also notify the REB once a decision has been made to resume with the research.

If the research is terminated or a determination is made that the research not continue following a suspension, a closure will need to be submitted as per committee requirements once all items regarding the termination/suspension have been fully addressed.