One Cancer Committee Meeting in December 2017

Please note that there is only one HREBA Cancer Committee meeting in December 2017. Studies with the ethics approval expiring between December 12, 2017, and January 9, 2018 must have material submitted in IRISS on or before December 8 in order to meet the deadline to be reviewed by the full board.

2018 Meeting Dates and Deadlines

October 18, 2017: The 2018 meeting dates and deadlines for all HREBA Committees have now been posted. Please note there are no exceptions to the deadlines listed.

HREBA’s Three Committees

The three committees of HREBA work together as one board. For a full list of all HREBA members, please click here.

Cancer Committee »

Cancer Committee »

The HREBA-CC provides ethical review of all new protocols and annual renewals of research studies involving human subjects and/or their personal information submitted by cancer researchers throughout the province.

Clinical Trials Committee »

Clinical Trials Committee »

The HREBA-CTC protects the public by conducting ethical reviews of clinical trials involving human subjects, or their information, submitted by registered Alberta physicians and health professionals.

Community Health Committee »

Community Health Committee »

The HREBA-CHC is a multi-disciplinary committee with members from across Alberta who review health research studies which are neither cancer related nor clinical trials, and are conducted in community settings.


The Institutional Research Information Services Solution

HREBA’s three committees manage all ethics submissions and reviews through the IRISS on-line platform.

If you are already familiar with the committee that you need to submit your ethics applications through, start by registering on IRISS.  Once you have registered you may submit your ethics application online.  If you have questions, contact

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