2015 FEES

The applicable fees listed below are required with the submission of documents for review.  Processing and review will not proceed until the Primary Investigator issues payment to Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions.  All fees include the GST.

Full Review: $6190.00

Full Review – Extension Studies & Sub-studies (if submitted simultaneously with original protocol): $1185.00

Expedited Review: $2960.00

Reciprocal Review: $1200.00

Additional Qualified Investigator Review: $590.00

Assessment of Protocol: $615.00

Amendment Review: $1185.00

Annual Review: $340.00

Final Review: $335.00

Waiver of Fees

The CTC may reduce or waive fees for studies being conducted on a smaller financial scale or for which no funding is available.

The relevant fee, however, must be included when submitting the study documents and the Primary Investigator must provide a written request for reduction or waiver of fees to:

Wendy Burrill, Associate Director, Research Ethics
Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta
1500 – 10104 103 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 4A7

After review and approval of a request for reduction or waiver of a fee, Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions will return/refund the applicable amount.