Community Health Committee Membership

The HREBA-CHC is one of three committees under the HIA-designated Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta.  It is constituted in accordance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS2). Members of the HREBA-CHC include representatives of various health disciplines, people with expertise in law and ethics, and community members.

Community Health Committee Composition 2017

Community Representative (1-F)
Ethics (1-M) (Chair)
Law (2-M)
Medicine (2-M) (one Vice Chair)
Population Health (1-F)
Public Health (1-F)
Statistics (1-M)

“F” denotes female and “M” denotes male

The majority of the HREBA – Community Health Committee members are Canadian citizens or permanent residents under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.


This list is current as of August 4, 2017.  It is available as a pdf document.

Name Role and Primary Specialty Sex City
Cheryl Currie, PhD Scientific (Quantitative Methodology) F Lethbridge
Albert de Villiers, MD (Chair) Scientific (Medical Officer / Family Physician) M Grande Prairie
Bruce Hirshe, LLM, QC Law (Intellectual Property) M Edmonton
Jamie Hodge, P.Eng. Community Member M Calgary
Cyne Johnston, PhD Scientific (Qualitative / Mixed Methodology) F Calgary
Ed Molstad, QC Law (Civil Litigation, Aboriginal Law and Professional Responsibility) M Edmonton
Katherine Nelson, BA (Vice Chair) Community Member F St. Albert
Nicholas Potvin, MD Scientific (Family Physician) M Peace River
Michael Stingl, PhD Ethics (Philosophy) M Lethbridge